Control and signaling

Rail Control and signaling Solutions

Keep the trains moving and passengers satisfied

Better control and signaling management increases capacity of the lines and reduces line traffic, leading to profitability, increased safety and passenger satisfaction. Eaton's solutions help you maintain the flexibility of the rail management system and enable increased reliability and resiliency. In the case of an incident, systems restart quickly and your passengers reach their destination safely.

Helping you meet the demands of daily travel

Keep your operations in motion with holistic electrical solutions from Eaton and minimize maintenance disruption with assemblies engineered offsite. Bringing it all together, Eaton project management gives you a single point of accountability for all technical, financial and commercial coordination within the scope of the project, while Eaton engineering services support design construction to optimize investment cost and reduce maintenance.

Eaton can help you:

  • Keep trains moving with leading quality UPS systems designed to deliver efficient, modular and scalable backup power with seamless transfer to generator power
  • Ensure reliability with the most flexible, cost-effective and high-performance switchgear available for low voltage applications, as well as medium voltage switchgear that efficiently distributes power
  • Simplify wiring with SmartWire-DT technology that integrates electrical systems in a single control architecture, reduces effort and time for wiring and enables communication between components for proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Fit a large scope of application with customized and standard Martek Power converters
Featured case study

Energizing a major power system upgrade


Fima, a leading Lithuanian engineering company, needed to upgrade the signaling and power systems along a key 112 km Trans-European rail freight corridor.


Greatly improved reliability of the railway's power network, better control over the network, enhanced flexibility and lower operational costs due to minimal maintenance requirements of vacuum switchgear.


Xiria ring main units, SVS 08 switchgear


"The Eaton equipment is, without doubt, one of the essential cornerstones of this high profile project."
Gediminas Abartis, Director, Fima UAB Energy Solutions Department