Rail Infrastructure Solutions

Build an intelligent infrastructure

Through smart investments in new technologies that are more reliable and resource-efficient, you can reduce capital costs while enhancing system reliability. Eaton solutions help build an intelligent infrastructure that is autonomously monitored in real-time and can be operated remotely, removing the need to send personnel to remote, and oftentimes dangerous, sites. We also help you become more energy efficient and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energizing your efficient, scalable and resilient infrastructure

Whether you are expanding to meet passenger needs or investing in your current infrastructure, Eaton can help. Our solutions are designed to save time during the initial installation, minimize maintenance disruption and provide environmental protection.

Eaton can help you:

  • Keep people safe and secure with complete emergency lighting solutions
  • Eliminate the notorious SF6 greenhouse gas through medium voltage switchgear using SF6-free insulators, especially important in underground installations
  • Minimize cost of ownership while maximizing availability with a wide range of wide range of efficient, scalable and resilient UPS solutions
  • Keep your project on time, optimize investment cost and reduce maintenance with project management capabilities and engineering services
  • Simplify operations with full coordination of the entire power distribution system; from components and assemblies to control and monitoring systems all working together effectively and efficiently in one interface
Featured case study

Simplifying future expansions in Stockholm


Stockholm's Trafikverket's City Line project, which includes a new six-kilometer tunnel to increase commuter capacity, needed to allow for easy future expansion and eliminate undo risk.


Eaton switchgear with vacuum interrupters offer long service lives and require no routine maintenance, eliminating the risk of corona discharge and arc faults, as well as use of the notorious SF6 greenhouse gas.


Eaton SVS/08 MV switchgear


Its modular design, proven track record in safety and reliability made Eaton's SVS/08 MV switchgear the right choice for the Trafikverket's City Line project.