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Rail Rolling stock Solutions

Maximize safety and economies of scale

Keeping safety as a top priority, operators and train manufacturers must also find ways to manage costs while achieving economies of scale through platforming and standardization. With modular sub-systems and components, Eaton helps reduce maintenance, proactively identifies service issues before they occur and enables upgrades during a vehicle's service life. Eaton also helps ensure that electrical components in new and refurbished stock are designed, built and maintained for high levels of energy efficiency, safety, reliability, passenger comfort and capacity.

Eaton is speeding up solutions

Trains rely on smart, reliable power to be on schedule, day after day. Eaton helps operators and train manufacturers deliver on time and on budget with solutions that increase reliability, reduce maintenance and achieve energy and cost efficiencies.

Eaton can help you:

  • Simplify and reduce maintenance costs with a completely assembled and tested electro-hydraulic tilting system that is lighter and features an easy-to-access removable unit
  • Ensure reliable, precise and sustainable operation with complete protection, distribution and conversion solutions, including hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and fuses, as well as customized and standard power converters
  • Run efficiently with our reliable, low-pressure couplings designed to reduce energy and cost, resist high levels of vibration and maintain safety integrity for unexpected disconnection and easy visual identification
Featured case study

Helping SBB's high-speed tilting train stay
on schedule


To ensure reliability of high-speed trains, SBB needed a total hydraulic system solution designed around an outdated, competitive framework and delivered within four months.


Train downtime due to hydraulic system failures and their associated maintenance requirements has been eliminated.


Eaton hydraulic power units designed to be the same package size as 15-year-old circuitry.


Eaton's capability to design a total hydraulic system solution around an outdated, competitive framework and deliver it within four months was instrumental in SBB's selection of Eaton products.