Rail Solutions

Our solutions help improve safety, drive profitability and maximize reliability.

With many methods of transportation available, the challenge is to make traveling the railways the option of choice. With a focus on being more reliable, efficient, safe, comfortable and cost-effective, today's rail leaders are looking to make the industry more sustainable for the future.

At Eaton, powering the rail industry means both helping our customers build better and safer trains and enabling railway operators to operate competitively. We accomplish this by providing a broad portfolio of electrical, hydraulic and filtration solutions designed for maximum reliability in any environment. With a focus on energy efficiency and safety, and through our technical expertise and project management capabilities, we can help you meet stringent regulations, minimize risk and secure your rail projects.

Build better and safer trains

Both new and refurbished trains must offer high levels of energy efficiency, safety, reliability, passenger comfort and capacity. Eaton helps you build better and safer trains through a depth of reliable, energy efficient electrical, hydraulic and filtration solutions.

Lower total cost of ownership to maintain competitiveness

Operate competitively with products designed for maximum reliability and easy maintenance, even in harsh environments. And rely on our innovation, engineering support and services for customized solutions to improve your train design, enhance your productivity and optimize your investment.

De-risk and secure the project

A focus on safety and security means that you can not only meet stringent regulations but also drive the industry towards a safe and sustainable future. With expertise in and technology designed for mission-critical applications, global capacity with local support and a complete services portfolio, Eaton helps you achieve your goals.

Infrastructure Solutions

As an infrastructure owner, you must continuously reduce capital costs and increase system reliability by investing in new, more reliable and resource-efficient technologies. Eaton can help you invest wisely.

Rolling stock Solutions

For operators and train manufacturers, safety is a top concern. You must also find ways to effectively manage costs while achieving economies of scale. Eaton can help you ensure high levels of energy efficiency, safety, reliability, passenger comfort and capacity.

Control and signaling Solutions

By constantly improving the rail management system, you can increase line capacity and reduce traffic, leading to profitability, increased safety and passenger satisfaction. Eaton solutions help you maintain flexibility and increase reliability and resiliency.

Services Solutions

Operators are concerned about the effect of planning for maintenance and the costs related to ensure availability of the rail network. Eaton can help improve reliability, optimize rolling stock and infrastructure design and enable proactive maintenance.