Server Room Solutions

Build the most efficient, flexible and responsive IT system in the space of a server room

As an expert in IT, you're adept at anticipating changing technology and business objectives. IT systems must perform efficiently, reliably and responsively to meet those ever-changing demands quickly.

What may not be precisely known is how to design and support all that powerful functionality in the space of a server room. How do you arrive at the proper power, cooling and equipment requirements? Leave it to Eaton. We can design a plan for you with an eye to the future and help you build it today.

Build in the right level of efficiency

Server Room planning

Eaton engineers are the experts in assessing your goals and devising custom solutions to help you achieve them. Our power system solutions deliver optimum redundancy and reliability. High efficiency and scalability set you up for growth and contractions, giving you the ability to accommodate change efficiently and cost-effectively.

Get up and running faster and avoid downtime

Server Room Maintenance

Our products and solutions were engineered for quick and easy on-site installation. Our plug and play offerings accelerate installation time. Rack PDU installation requires no tools. Our simplified cable management systems ensure the right receptacle gets to right place in a short timeframe for the power distribution units. Our airflow management solutions are flexible. Our system solutions integrate with a variety of other IT enclosures.

Power your IT system with a flexible design.

Eaton solutions put the best practices of flexible data center design to work for you. And that flexibility ensures the facile, fast IT system you demand. We can help you achieve the right balance of efficiency, agility and manageability. Open architecture allows you to integrate into existing cooling, power and distribution equipment to help you monitor and better manage your overall operation.

With Eaton, you can be the quick-change artist you need to be. From changes in footprint, to energy consumption, to resource utilization, you're ready to respond in the shortest of timelines.

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